14 Budget-Friendly Tips |Travel Egypt on a Budget

The equation of enjoyment in accordance with a budget is alongside.

However, Egypt has the perfect equation especially these days, as Egypt is experiencing a devaluation in its currency.

It’s your time to get benefit from this economic situation and save some of your money!

Just you have to put in mind that the role of budget-friendly travel is “Travel on a budget = Being dependent more on yourself”, so be ready for that.

Now you have the answer to “Does it cost a huge budget to visit Egypt?”

So, there is no time to think twice to visit Egypt.

You just need some Egypt travel tips to experience all the amazing Egyptian details with just a few dollars!

In this blog, you will find interesting 14 budget travel tips to enjoy Egyptian treasures and beauty while saving money.

3 Determinants for your Budget:

If you ask yourself “what is the most consuming category for the budget during traveling?”

Before answering the question, you need to determine some factors.
(1) The exchange price for the Egyptian currency.
(2) The number of days you will stay there.
(3) Your goal of visiting Egypt.
Is your goal to relax?
Or to make a new adventure?
Or to explore the culture?
Or ….
Each travel goal will clarify your priorities, hence your budget.

First Budget Travel Tip: Focus on Your Goals

After determining your goal of traveling. You have two options:

  • Stay in the perfect accommodation, visit the perfect destinations, eat the perfect food, buy the perfect souvenirs, and take the comfiest transportation. While going bankrupt.
  • Or travel on a budget by spending more on “your goal of traveling”, and spending wisely on other needs.

For example, Nicole came to Egypt with a budget of $1,000.
Her goal is to try new adventures (hiking, diving, and balloon tour in Luxor).
She decided to avoid fancy restaurants and hotels.
Instead focus her budget on the clothes needed for hiking, and tools for diving, and set aside some money for the hiking fees and balloon tour.
She is okay with her travel mixture because the mixture follows her priorities.

Second Tip: Never Cross the Limit

The meaning of travel on a budget is to stick to your limitation of spending.
How can you stick to your plan without a plan?
you have to make a daily budget plan, by dividing your budget equally by the number of days.
Or divide your budget according to the activities that will be on each day.
Either way, what matters is to put a daily limit on your spending.

Third Tip: Avoid Small Markets

Small markets and shops freely can increase the prices when they notice a tourist. As no fixed
pricing labeled on most items!
In contrast, hyper and supermarkets have labeled pricing for anything.
There you will not be exposed to price manipulation.

4th Budget-Friendly Tip: Enjoy the Streets

Streets are your gateway for getting involved with Egyptian culture.
Take that chance to melt in the Egyptian vibes and go walking to reach your near destinations.
In addition, you will save money on transportation.

5th Tip: Follow Sustainable Tourism

Less plastic bottles is a minimizing budget travel hack. How is that?
Egyptian water tap isn’t recommended to be drunk without filtration. The safe option is mineral water.
You can buy tons of small plastic water bottles and pay tons of coins.
Instead, buy one large tank or large bottles and use it as your source of water during your
Egyptian trip.
That will be more budget friendly and environment friendly.
You can buy only one flask “a small bottle” for caring water while going out for your tours and forget to purchase the small water bottles.

6th Tip: Less Package, Less Budget

To travel on a budget you need to minimize your package as much as possible.
Most airlines charge more fees on heavy packages.
Other airlines have low ticket prices with the condition of having one suitcase or not having one at all.

7th Tip: Sharing is Caring Cheaper

Sharing is your way to travel on a budget.
Of course, if you are okay with the “sharing concept”.
You can share different things, not only your accommodation.
For example, transportation, food, and whatever you think can be dividable by more than one person.

8th Tip: Say Yes to “FREE Art”

Do you know “free” can mean “artistic” in Egypt?
Many galleries, museums, artistic places, and historical castles have free entrance or small fees that can’t be mentioned.
If you value pieces of art, you must visit those kinds of places.
It won’t be a forgettable experience.

9th Tip: Search for Prices before Travelling

Go to online Egyptian markets and explore the average prices.
That keeps you on track with travel on a budget.
In addition, price comparison may give you the upper hand for buying necessaries from your country, if it has a lower cost than in Egypt.
But don’t over-pack your luggage with staff that you won’t use.

10th Tip: Have an Egyptian SIM Card on Arrival

Egyptian SIM cards will be much cheaper in data usage, instead of the high cost of data roaming.
You have several options: WE, Etisalat, Orange, and Vodafone.
They nearly have the same service prices, but may have a few differences in bundles. Compare them to choose the suitable one for your usage.

11th Tip: Public Transportation is your Golden Key for Budget Saving

Public transportation takes in Egypt many forms (bus – minibus – green bus – metro – train).
Metro is your affordable and suitable option.
It has a lot of advantages:

  • Quick transportation
  • Low ticket prices
  • Drive you whenever you want to go to Cairo and Giza.

However, it’s very crowded with people and the air conditioning system isn’t the best. But the amount of saved money is worth the trial.

If you are a first-time traveler, here is a Guide for first time to Egypt.

12th Tip: Go with Against the Group

Most people choose their festive holidays and summer/ winter vacations to visit Egypt.
To make a budget friendly travel, you have to pick the months that rarely have visitors, to be away from the price competition.
Avoid the Charismas & New Year holidays, as these days are the most expensive all of the year.
Also, skip booking at the weekends.

13th Tip: Avoid Luxury Tricks

Traditional restaurants in Egypt are cheaper than modern ones.
As the quality of food is nearly the same.
The difference maybe is the way of serving (brilliant dishes, well-dressed staff, and good music in the background).
If you choose to save your budget for your food and go to traditional restaurants, read the reviews about the restaurant to ensure it has good quality food.

14th Tip: Facebook can Save your Wallet!

The only people who know the equation of quality in relation to prices are the Egyptians.
Thus, by searching their behavior and thoughts, definitely you will find a new budget friendly tip that can help you.
The easiest option to understand Egyptians’ behavior is social media platforms, especially Facebook. Search for hidden gems hashtags, Egyptian food reviews, etc.
If the posts are in Arabic, it’s not a huge problem. Use a translation program and you will understand the context.

I hope those Egypt travel tips are helpful.

Tell us in the comment which tip made you say WOW, I didn’t know about it before.

If you have additional travel tips you figured it out by yourself in Egypt, don’t forget to mention them below  😉

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