Desert isn’t only sand and hot sun, it can be magical if it has a spirit inside it. Jordan has been ruled by various civilizations over its long history, including Nabataeans, Romans, and Ottomans which gives it a rich cultural heritage.

Whether you are craving adventure, culture, or relaxation, you will find that together in Jordan. Being lost in the magnificent landmarks of ancient cities Jerash, Petra, or Wadi Rum, enjoying tranquil Dead Sea spa treatments, and diving in Red Sea treasures is another level of travel experience.

The genuine people there and their unparalleled amazing country will spellbind you to repeat your visit again.

Book with DotCom Travel, prepare your camera and be ready for discovering the magical Jordan.

Marine Activities

Egypt’s marine beauty is crowned among other countries, boasting marvelous creatures and amazing landscapes.

Aquatic adventures from scuba diving to snorkeling are must to do when coming to Egypt. Life underwater will spellbind you that you wish to live there forever, and that is the Egyptian aquatic magic.

Nile Sailing

Ancient Egyptians left part of their spirit in the Nile making Egypt boasts a distinctive spirit among its Nile waves.

Nile sailing from riding felucca, and dahabiya to Nile cruising will take you back to the time when sailing was the main transportation on the river. It’s your time to space your mind and feel the majesty across the stunning Nile while sighting the historical remarks along the river.

Safari & Camping

Egypt is your golden key to experiencing wildlife and adventure!

Going on safari and exploring the massive treasures in the Egyptian deserts is an extraordinary experience that you can’t imagine without trying. Meanwhile, by camping in the desert or an oasis, you will be surrounded by million stars and desert-dwelling wildlife giving you the relief and calmness that lasts forever.

In addition, you will discover unique historical landmarks, and fossils treasures through Egyptian deserts, protected areas, and biodiverse parks.

Street Walking

Walking in the Egyptian streets while sighting the cultural details around you is the best activity you can ever do.

Every building, shop, gallery, and house is telling a story, it’s your opportunity to listen to them through walking with our tour guides who will delineate the history and culture behind it.

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