Sustainable Development Goals in Egypt

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Sustainability Definition

Sustainability is a societal concept that refers to intentions of making Earth a safe place for all creatures over the long term. The sustainability concept extends to global, environmental, cultural, and historical levels; as these levels are connected together for the sake of humanity’s survival.

SDGs Meaning

The Sustainable Development Goals are 17 global targets that are followed by countries to reduce poverty, protect the environment and climate, and ensure peace and prosperity future for all humankind all over the world.  

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

  1. No poverty
  2. Zero hunger
  3. Good health and well-being
  4. Quality Education
  5. Gender equality
  6. Clean water and sanitation
  7. Affordable and clean energy
  8. Decent work and economic growth
  9. Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
  10. Reduced inequalities
  11. Sustainable cities and communities
  12. Responsible consumption and production
  13. Climate action
  14. Life below water
  15. Life on land
  16. Peace, justice, and strong institutions
  17. Partnership for the goals 

Egypt Vision 2030

2030 Egypt vision logo

After being sustainability a global goal, Egypt has taken significant steps towards achieving Sustainable Developing Goals by 2030 “Egypt Vision 2030”.

Ministry of Planning and Economic Development is spreading awareness of achieving SDGs and building analytical tools for measuring progress. Egypt succeed in attaining 68.6% of the SDG Index Score in 2021.

SDGs achievements in Egypt

No Poverty – 1 Sustainable Development Goals

Egypt made efforts to decrease the percentage of individuals living in extreme poverty till it dropped to 4.6% in 2022.

Zero Hunger – 2 Sustainable Development Goals

Egypt decreased the prevalence of severe food insecurity to 7.8% between 2017-2019. However, there are still some challenges. Egypt tried to handle them as possible. 

The prevalence of stunting in children younger than 5 years decreased by 5.2%, the prevalence of wasting decreased to 3%, and the prevalence of anemia decreased to 22.3% in 2017/2018.

Good Health and Well-Being – 3 Sustainable Development Goals

President Abd El-Fatah El-Sisi initiated “100 Million Health” which includes influential health awareness campaigns that target all Egyptian groups from newborn children to elderly Egyptians. The rate of new HIV infections decreased by more than 92% annually and more than 60 million Egyptian citizens have been examined under the initiative of 100 Million Health.

100 Million Health logo

100 Million Health Campaigns:

  1. C-Virus examination
  2. Early detection of cancer liver
  3. Diabetes and Hypertension examination
  4. Overweight, underweight, and nutrition examination
  5. Follow-up and treatment of chronic diseases and early detection of renal impairment
  6. Early detection of breast tumors, non-communicable diseases, and women’s reproductive health
  7. The initiative of supporting maternal and fetal health
  8. Detection of genetic diseases for newborn children
  9. Early detection of weakness and hearing loss for newborn children
  10. Treatment for spinal muscular atrophy patients

In addition to the developing plans for healthcare institutions, as there are 1,139 projects have been implemented or in progress to be constructed.  

Quality Education – 4 Sustainable Development Goals

450 new programs have been added to high-education universities in order to qualify graduates and keep them up with the requirements of the labor market.

Clean Water and Sanitation – 6 Sustainable Development Goals

Clean energy project

The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egypt created some important projects for rationalizing the national consumption of water. Projects are implemented in agriculture activities as these activities consume huge water amount, projects aim to manage water distribution on farms and depend on modern irrigation systems instead of flood irrigation. Also, some projects are implemented for wastewater reclamation and use it in farming instead of using potable water.

Affordable and Clean Energy – 7 Sustainable Development Goals

Egypt is making different projects to increase its dependency on renewable energy, the total installed capacity of renewable energy in Egypt reached 7,000 megawatts in 2021/2022. Egypt Vision 2030 aims to use renewable energy in 42% of total electric energy production.

Economic Development and Growth – 8 Sustainable Development Goals

Egypt is following a developing plan to make a better economic condition for attracting more investors, increasing the flow of trade, and Foreign Direct Investment. GDP is predicted to reach $260 billion by 2030.

Climate Action and life below water – 13, 14 Sustainable Development Goals

Marine creatures under water

Egypt has limited the black cloud phenomenon through awareness and actions that result in avoiding 25,000 tons of air pollutants annually and disposal of 2,000 tons of pollutants and toxic pesticides.

Sustainable tourism become a worldwide goal to prohibit the waste, and negative effects of tourism, and maximize the positive effect.

Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions – 16Sustainable Development Goals

Within the last 8 years, there were huge efforts to eliminate life-threatening urban areas and the foundation of the biggest worldwide housing reconstruction project that offers suitable houses with affordable prices for low-income Egyptians. The project implemented nearly 225,000 housing units per year.

Due to the Egyptian strong vision, Egypt has achieved great improvement in accordance with the sustainable development goals and it will become one of the top sustainable countries in the world.  

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