Weather in Egypt

Weather in Egypt | Climate Change Effect

What is the Best Time to Travel to Egypt?

The answer is changing, as the climate is changing. 

At first, you need to understand climate change to make a realistic travel plan to Egypt.

Climate Change Worldwide

Tree in normal wither vs global warming weather
The increase in the rate of Greenhouse gas is the main reason for climate change worldwide, temperature is facing fluctuations all over the year in each country; the current warming rate is faster than the average warming rate by 10 times.

Greenhouse Gas Effect on Earth

  • Glaciers and ice sheets shrinkage
  • Ice lake is breaking up in a shorter time
  • Weather identity for each month has been changed
  • Polluted air and water
  • Animal geographic ranges are shifting
  • Shortness in the lifetime of living organisms
  • Extinction of some animal species
  • Soil erosion
  • Plants are booming before their predicted time

The impact of careless human activities are trapping solar energy into Earth’s atmosphere, causing all the negative impacts on Earth’s weather, and the critical changes in weather in Egypt.

Harmful Human Activities to the Environment

  • Pollution such as cars exhaust that increases carbon monoxide, high percentage of garbage, and using large quantities of pesticides.
  • Burning fossil fuels such as burning coal, natural gas, and oil.
  • Deforestation in tropical rainforests leads to releasing a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • Overpopulation and large consumption of natural resources.

The response to climate change was creating and following sustainable development activities to keep Earth safe. Read Sustainable Tourism in Egypt for more details.

Climate Change in Egypt

It was popular about the weather in Egypt that it has moderate temperatures in summer and very cool temperatures in winter. After global warming, Egypt has faced different changes in its climate. Scorching and dry temperatures, Frost waves, heavy rains, and very low temperatures were the indicators of climate change in Egypt.
In the last two years, Egypt’s weather in winter was colder than the average temperature and it’s getting colder over time. In addition, the temperature in summer becomes very hot. But don’t worry, there are still some months that preserve the cool temperature that you will enjoy.


Weather in the Egyptian Desert

The Egyptian land and desert percentage of the total area of Egypt is nearly 99%. That makes the Egyptian overall climate characterized by slightly high humidity level and dry temperatures. The average temperature in the desert areas in the sunlight is between 25C to 45C, and at night is between 8C to 20C.

red sea in egtypt

Weather in the Egyptian Coastal Areas

Unlike Egyptian desert areas, the coastal areas in Egypt are characterized by cool, windy, rainy weather. The average temperature in the sunlight is 30 to 15 C, and at night the average temperature is between 10 C.

Visit Alexandria while it Still Exists!

In Egypt, the water surface level is getting higher every day due to global climate change, Alexandria is threatened to be hidden after a few years and drowned under the Mediterranean Sea.  Recently on winter days, Alexandria is facing unstable cold weather, thunder, and heavy rains, which make it difficult for the Alexandria residents to do their daily activities.

Weather in the Middle Cities

Cairo and other cities in the middle of Egypt are characterized by moderate temperatures, dry air in summer, cool air, and cloudy skies with few drops of rain in winter that can increase to be heavy sometimes.  

The average temperature in Cairo and nearby places is between 37 to 20 at the day hours and 8 to 25 degrees at night hours.

Weather in Egypt in December, January, and February

During these months, the weather is cold all over Egypt. The coldest parts are the coastal areas that suffer from heavy rains and strong winds; middle cities face some

rains with cold weather at night. Other desert areas are enjoying moderate weather during the day hours with cool weather at night.

  • Cities to Visit at this Time of Year in Egypt

Travel DotCom recommends visiting Luxor and Aswan, Upper Egypt, Dahab, and Oasis during those months. For adventures who love the extreme cold weather, you can visit saint Catherine Mountain and experience hiking the mountain coated with ice, the temperature at the peak of Saint Catherine Mountain can reach less than -15 degrees.

Weather in Egypt in March, April, May, and June

Those months are considered the transition phase between winter and summer. They are characterized by unstable weather, some days are very cold at night, and other days may be very sunny during day hours.

  • Cities to Visit at this Time of Year in Egypt

Travel DotCom recommends visiting Sharm El-sheikh, Alexandria, port-said.

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