Coastal Areas in Egypt

Where to travel in Egypt?

This question has infinite answers.
In case you need some piece of mind, coastal areas in Egypt will be the suitable answer for you.
Egypt isn’t only about pyramids and temples; coastal areas deserve visiting too.
Let’s take a quick tour to explore some of the wonderful coastal areas in Egypt.
And I’m sure you will be surprised by the number of wonderful sights and shores that existed in Egypt.

10 Heaven Places to Visit in Egypt

red sea in egypt

Red Sea’s Areas

You may think it’s the Maldives, but it’s Egyptian Red Sea shores.

  1. Dahab
  2. Nuweiba
  3. Taba
  4. Marsa Allam
  5. Gounna
  6. Hurghada
  7. Sharm El-Sheikh
mediterin sea in egypt

Mediterranean Sea’s Areas

Nice weather, sand beaches, and deep blue water
All that mean you are on Mediterranean shores.

  1. Alexandria
  2. North Coast
  3. Marsa Matrooh


dahab in egypt

Dahab is the most magnificent part that you can visit all around the world. Dahab is
characterized by its beautiful diving sights, crystalline, and pure water.

Activities to Do in Dahab:

  1. Snorkeling: enjoy the Dahabian beauty by making snorkeling to see colorful coral reefs and some types of colored fish, you will be amazed at how amazing the marine world is. Prices for snorkeling in Dahab:
  2. Diving: if you have enough courage to level up in snorkeling and see more unique creatures, you can go diving. Dahab is considered one of the best places for diving experience, people all around the world come to Egypt just to dive in Dahab because of its unique coral reefs, colored fish, and pure water. Prices for diving in Dahab:
  3. Cruising: riding a boat in such an amazing crystallin Sea is a very relaxing activity you can do in Dahab. However, you can turn this activity into fun by playing music, dancing, and adding a delicious lunch to your package. Prices for a cruise in Dahab:
  4. Safari: you can ride a beach buggy and travel through Sinai’s mountains. Prices for the safari in Dahab:

Hidden Gems in Dahab

  • Kitesurfing
  • Camping
  • Lagoona beach
  • Wadi stars
  • Hiking

Taba and Nuweiba

taba, nuweib in egypt

Taba and Nuweiba include magnificent natural sights

Activities to Do in Taba and Nuweiba:

  1. Exploring: in Taba and Nuweiba, there are unique caves and valleys that you will wonder how beautiful it is. Also, you will meet some rare species of animals and birds.
  2. Visit castles: Taba and Nuweiba have different castles that preserve the structure of ancient architecture.
  3. Visit islands: if you love relaxing activities in quiet and beautiful places, Taba and Nuweiba have different islands that you can go there.

Marsa Allam

marsa allam, egypt

Places to visit in Marsa Allam:

  1. Wadi El-Gamal protector: it’s categorized into different areas that include rare species of birds, fish, and animals. In addition to the fantastic night view of stars, and swimming beside turtles and dolphins.
  2. Dolphin Home: has 5000 dolphins of 50 different species.
  3. Naizak lake: you will enjoy its warm water in winter with its blue pure water.

Hidden Gems in Marsa Allam

  1. Qalaan Island
  2. Bernice village

El Gouna

al gouna, egypt

Places to visit in El Gouna

  1. Abo Tig Marina: is an Italian vibe place as it was designed by “Alfredo Freda” who was an Italian designer.
  2. Bibliotheca Alexandrina El Gouna: for book lovers, it will be your place. It has more than 50,000 valuable electronic books.
  3. El Gouna Museum: it has more than 90 pieces of artwork and historical items.

Activities to Do in El Gouna

  1. Horse riding
  2. Diving
  3. Kite surfing and Parasailing
  4. Go to a relaxing spa
  5. Safari by beach baggy and 4×4 motorcycle

Alexandria (Bride of Mediterranean)

Alexandria, egypt

Places to Visit in Alexandria:

  1. Palace of Farouk king: where you can take a glimpse of the Classical and Gothic architectures mixed with Italian and Islamic styles. Also, it includes a unique garden that contains tropical rare plants for a century, but they are still in good condition.
  2. Mosque Morsy Abo El-Abbas: this mosque includes the shrine of Sheikh Shihab al-Din Abu al-Abbas which was founded in 1306 after his death.
  3. Qaitbai Castle: it was built in 1479 and still preserves its beauty.
  4. Alexandria’s bibliotheca: if you are a good reader and culture lover, you would definitely need to go there. Alexandria Bibliotheca has more than 2.153 million books in different languages and topics. Besides, it has a theatre for art and small museums.

Hidden Gems in Alexandria

  1. Lighthouse of Alexandria
  2. Roman theatre
  3. Royal Jewelry Museum

Good things happen without overthinking.
The more time to take action, the more lost chances will be.
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